Blog has entered a phase evolution 1.0

The purpose of the blog is to document the current actions of the eafx group (read „Genesis”) and the evolution of the main concept of Inspiration Under Construction.

Blog and forum administration is also subject to a process of continuous evolution.

The specific objectives of the project and description will appear in another convenient time on a separate page in a more official form.

Has been made available:
– Terms
– FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

In this version:
+ Multilingual blog – Example: polish
+ Added syntaxcode (FAQ)

On 2011.01.14 20:20 was activated user: reptile

In the preparation of activation are members: gieroj, kamlo.

Interested in publishing your own articles associated with the industry and eager to join the blogsphere of need ask to contact or through the comments of any blogger.

Please do not hestitate, and to report bugs, problems or other suggestions, but must also take into your attention the developmental nature of the whole environment.